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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  November 5, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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>> 22 year old was grabbed off street in germantown sunday night and forced into a car she has not been seen since. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. police have something specific they wander to you pay very close attention to in that new video. >> fox 29's jennifer joyce is life at northwest detectives tonight with the new lead. jennifer? >> reporter: well, lucy, hopefully that video will help. at this point police say they have not identified a suspect in this case. they are using facial recognition software, however, they tell us that carlesha fre freeland gaither's safe return is dependent upon the public's help in this case. >> every minute counts. i mean we got to find her and find her quickly. >> reporter: the pressure is on. it's been nearly 72 hours since carlesha freeland gaither was abducted and forcefully dragged on the 100 block of west colter street in germantown. earlier today, the fbi released new surveillance video of a person of interest. this man seen walking into had philadelphia supermarket.
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the video is time stamp 1:43 sunday afternoon. that's roughly eight hours before the abduction. police want you to pay attention to how the man walks with his feet turned out, a unique clue. >> someone can recognize this guy. i mean we've got enough video out there now if you know him, you could pretty much say that's so and so. and we need that phone call. >> reporter: philadelphia police, fbi and maryland state police say they're pursuing several leads. commissioner ramsay says it's still unclear if gaither was targeted in this is was a random attack. last night we showed you this video of the victim standing on a corner with the abductor before he forcefully carries her away and throws her into a gray forward for taurus. the victim kicked out the rear seat passenger window during her struggle. police need the public to pay the tension to these surveillance images. do you recognize this man? he used the victim's atm card in a pnc bank in aberdeen, maryland,
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6:00 a.m. monday and then walked through a convenience store to a maryland gas station. police need people to speak up about what they know and what they've seen. >> someone sees anything at all, even if they don't think it's significant, call us, let us determine whether or not it's significant. >> reporter: police captain here in the northwest detectives thinkthinks the same man seen ih of the surveillance clips. however, at this point police say they are not ruling anyone or anything out. iain? >> all right, jennifer, thank you. breaking news out of montgomery county courtroom tonight. a jury reaches a verdict in the civil trial of a former penn professor who beat his wife to death. raphael rob pleaded guilty back in 2007 to killing his wife ellen. the murder happened in december of 2006. inside their king of prussia home. police say that he tried to make it look like an intruder broke in. ellen rob's children are now seeking damages in civil court. rob is spending five to 10 years in prison. we will bring you the verdict as soon as it comes in. >> trouble on the streets of
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philadelphia's grays ferry second. skyfox over the seen of a water main break and you can kind of tell what's going on right the there. the streets buckled at 28thth dickinson. the intersection closed off though we do not have any word of anybody's water service stopping. now a developing story in delaware county. police serving a warrant in collingdale come under fire and tonight a father and son are under arrest. fox 29's dawn timmeney joining us live from collingdale tonight. dawn, was anybody seriously hurt? >> reporter: well, fortunately, no, iain but this was an extremely volatile and dangerous situation. two swat team members were hit by the gunfire they were not seriously hurt. when police say their suspect just started shooting out of the front door of his home. police say this shirt less man, 24 year old lamar james, fired at police and swat team members as they tried to execute a search warrant at his home on the 100 block of lafayette avenue in collingdale around dawn. >> upon their rifle, nine
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officers in full swat uniforms with police a cross their chest approached the porch, knocked, announced their presence. >> reporter: that's when delaware county diss trek attorney james whalen lamar james' father tony gale tried to bolt the front door. lamar james was apparently upstairs, ran down the steps with a revolver in his hand and fired four shots at the officers on that front porch. these officers, the swat team, returned fire at this particular house. firing multiple shots. >> reporter: no one in the home was hurt. skyfox over the scene as investigators scowered the seen for evidence collecting she will casings. two swat team members were hit by bullets in the gun battle. the district attorney says this could have been much worse. >> this is one example of how dangerous their job is.
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but for the grace of god today, we would have lost two officers. >> reporter: now, one of the officers was hit in the hand. the other was hit in his ballistic helmet which prevented him from serious injury or worse. james is facing a slew of charges to night including nine counts of attempted homicide of a police officer for each of the nine officers who were at this house this morning. his father is facing $50,000 bail. coming up tonight at 6:00 o'clock, more on how a home invasion at james' home last month played into everything that went down this morning. that's coming up at 6:00. lucy. >> dawn, we'll talk to you then. changing skies in your fox 29 weather authority after a great two days, well, the clouds are moving oh and in but it look pretty right there. things they're about to get very wet. chief meteorologist scott williams, what do you got on tap and it sounds like water? >> that's right. that rainfall lucy is still several hours away. but once it arrives, it will impact your travel across the
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area. cloudy conditions right now but you can see off to the south and west that's where most of the green that is rain showing up on radar. but ultimate doppler it is dry as you step outdoors in allentown, hammonton looking pretty good as well as atlantic city. but watch how things play out. after midnight that's when most of that rainfall starts to move in for 4:00 o'clock tomorrow morning when you're watching sue it will be damp and dreary across the area so this is going to impact the morning commute. coming up we'll talk about how much rainfall to expect if it will impact the evening commute tomorrow as well as big temperature changes behind that system iain and lucy coming up. >> all right, thank you very much, scott. palins had their way walter palmer elementary school would stay hope. the fate of that school is on the line. at a hearing today, school district officials questioned the leaders of palmer about their finances and enrollment practices. district officials are considering whether to revoke the school's charter. palmer charter high school
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closed last month. part of palmer's issues have been over enrollment by hundreds of students and today parents weighed in. >> it's unfair and all of the children are being misplaced and everything is such in disarray right now. >> recommendation on revoking the charter should come within 99 days. you decide 2014. history is made in pennsylvania. democratic businessman tom wolf beats republican tom corbett for the governor ship and for the first time in modern pennsylvania history incumbent has lost bid for a second term. so how did the political novice score the big victory and where? >> our bruce gordon just back from corbett campaign headquarters in pittsburgh is life in our newsroom tonight to crunch the numbers for us. bruce. >> reporter: iain, every single issue group working for corbett's defeat is crowing about their influence much what's the old saying, victory has many parents? but take look at the vote totals and it seems clear there was one issue above all others that pushed the
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challenger past the incumbent. topic a and tom wolf's victory speech tuesday night should have come as no surprise to anyone paying attention to the long and bitter gubernatorial campaign. >> we need to re-establish education as a priority in pennsylvania. >> tom corbett cut a billion dollars from our schools. >> reporter: wolf hit corbett early and often on public school funding clipping the incumbent republican slashed money, crippling schools in the proce process. the claim wasn't entirely fair. previous school funding had been inflated by temporary federal stimulus dollars. but in philadelphia, where under funded schools could barely open on time, the message was repeated in almost weekly protests most aimed at corbett. >> what happened on election day? well tom wolf won pennsylvania by about 338,000 votes. and every bit of that margin and then some came from philadelphia and its surrounding suburbs. in fact, in the city, plus bucks, montgomery, delaware and
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chester counties, wolf's margin of victory was a whopping 386,000 votes. remember, this was the city where education funding had become a daily crisis and the suburbs where media reports on that crisis flooded the air waves. >> he's increased spending in the education department $1.5 billion over what it was when he came into office. >> reporter: corbett campaign belated fought back on the issue with dubious claims of their o own. but polling conducted just before the election showed school funding was indeed corbett's achilleas heel. >> balance budgets. >> reporterbudgets reportotherwn speech tuesday night he sounded bitter as he referenced the school funding claims that helped derail his election bid. >> contrary to a lot of what you heard over the last year we increased spending in education to over a billion dollars. (applause). >> more than any time in our history. >> reporter: now, for tom wolf
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comes the hard part keeping his promise to dramatically increase school funding and to change the formula that makes funding more equitable from district to district. no easy task, iain. >> no, not at all, bruce, thank you. president obama spoke about the elections results a short time ago. republicans have seized the senate getting full control of congress. the president says voters sent a message loud and clear which is something we also heard president clinton say when democrats lost control back in the '90's. >> the american people sent a message. one that they've sent for several elections now. they expect the people they elect to work as hard as they do. they expect us to focus on their ambitions and not ours. they want us to get the job done. >> the president says that he's hosting depth cats and republicans at the white house friday. he says he's confident everyone can work together to respond to the needs of the american
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people. our election coverage continues for you online at you can learn more about last night's results and what this election could mean for our country by clicking on the election 2014 section from the home page. >> breaking news from old city right now. from what we understand you see it right there in the middle of the intersection. it looks like a food cart broke loose from a truck. it's now you can see blocking traffic. that's a live look right now from fourth and mark streets just right outside our station. no word on how this happened but you know traffic is a mess. so if you can work yours around that one, definitely do so. the eric frein case got even more bizarre today. >> we have learned what the accused cop killer had with him during the weeks he hid from authorities. everything from salt and pepper to soy sauce. a look at his live on the run. and ladies listen up. mysterious illness hitting young woman. it starts as a simple cold and then suddenly you feel like you're suffocating much the warning for all young women tonight. >> a california trick or treater
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finds something in her bag that could kill her. 71 gave the eight year old crystal meth. why her dad thinks this was no accident. howard? >> and the eagles are getting ready for their monday night game against carolina and there were some new starters on the field today. hear from the coaches and the players
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>> we have more coming in tonight about how accused cop killer eric frein was surviving in the woods of blooming grove. newly released search warrants list more than 100 items
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investigators found stashed at the birch wood pocono airpark hangar where they finally captured him. last week the items ranged from thing you might expect. ammunition and guns to things that wouldn't be necessary top of mind in survival gear. fox 29's jeff cole has been going through that list. jeff, what stands out to you? >> reporter: he certainly had planned lucy. he had items that you'd have in your own home like laundry debtor jent, grooming kits, propane stove. bottles of propane and in fact oil for cooking. he had food items like so you sauce, salt and pepper. those cup of noodles of things. rice and beans to entertainment himself he had a thinking pad arc radio headphones, dvd's brochures for the area if as he was going to travel around. he had packed clothes and boots. religious plaque and the new testament. sal manies and proverbs all of these among his maps, compass, guns and more than 200 rounds of ammo. prosecutors will look at all of this evidence very closely as
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they build their capital murder case against him. they are seeking the death penalty charging him with opening fire on the blooming grove state police barracks in september. one trooper was killed and the other seriously injured. frein was caught after a massive 48-day manhunt. in the newsroom, jeff cole, phone tuesday news. folks. >> thank you very much, jeff. elaborate extortion scheme and at the center of it all, prosecutors say a former philly cop. they say 37 year old christopher czarville low tried to he can tort drugs and money from drug dealers while on the force in 2011 and 2012. investigators say as a cop he stole nearly $10,000 from drug dealers. he could face more than 100 years in prison if convicted. philadelphia police are trying to find three people seen stealing a car in the verb town neighborhood. the victim parked hits car on west thompson street sunday afternoon. cops say when he returned the following evening the car was gone. investigators believe the men on
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video stole the car sometime after 1:00 in the morning monday. the car was a 1997 green nissan maxima. the last four numbers on the pennsylvania plate 2787. >> one day after congressmen chaka fat at a's re-election a former member of his team pleads guilty in a campaign finance scheme. thomas linden felled entered that plea today it stems from representative fattah's failed run for philadelphia mayor in 2007. prosecutors say linden felled conspired with fattah identified in court documents only as elected official a. they say they did this to a range an illegal $1 million political contribution and they also say fattah never claimed that contribution. fattah denies doing anything wrong. >> former baltimore ravens cheerleader is facing charges of having a sexual relationship with a 15 year old boy. police say 47 year old molly, relationship with the boy culminated in sexual activity at a vacation home in bethany beach, delaware over labor day
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weekend. charges against her include rape and providing alcohol to minors. she's estranged wife of prominent maryland energy executive. >> mayor nutter wants more bicycling in philadelphia much the mayor signed an executive order today stabbing a panel to advise him on ways to promote and protect recreationally and professional cycling and announced a major cycling event coming to philadelphia next ye year. >> i'm proud to announce today for the first time that philadelphia will in fact host women's world cup series event which is currently being rebranded as the women's professional road cycling seri series. >> nutter pointed out the city has more than 500 miles of bike lanes. >> a chain reaction of kindness reaches our area. a student killed in the unforg unforgettable columbine high school massacre in littleton, colorado started all of this. it's an mazing story. she was 17 year old rachel scott. now, rachel's challenge includes a series of empowering and motivating programs targeting
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students for educators much here's the goal to create a safe and supportive learning environment for everyone. rachel wrote her ideas in her journal before she died. yolanda robinson is helping rachel's legacy live on and today she visited bishop ice stap prep in pennsauken, new jersey. the school has been a part of rachel's challenge for the past six years. >> rachel's story is definitely inspirational because she was a girl, teenaged girl my age. i try to relate her story to my own life and by doing that, it inspires me to better myself and try to better the lives of those around me. >> rachel was the first person shot and killed at columbine in 1999 and as part of rachel's challenge students meet each month to talk about things going on in their community and ways they can show compassion towards others. all right. clouds are beginning to roll in and your fox 29 weather authority chief meteorologist scott williams track something wet weather coming later tonight. scott? >> that's right, ooh yann that. rainfall still about six to
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seven hours away from us. you can see to the south and west that's where we're tracking most of the moderate to heavier showers. we are dry so if you're stepping outdoors right now, you can leave the rain gear at home. temperatures pretty comfortable as well in the low 60s. humidity at 36%. so the atmosphere is still relatively dry. 60 in atlantic city. 57 in pottstown. low 50s right now in allentown. so it will be a cloudy and mild evening upper 50s by 7:00. showers arriving especially after about midnight but temperatures stay right around 56 degrees by 11:00. big changes behind that system and also we'll talk about how much rain to expect with the seven day forecast iain and lucy coming up. >> all right. talk to you then, scott. we have yet another reason to avoid second hand smoke. like you needed another one. the effects someone else's bad habit could have on you that you might not have expect. >> and her murder trial in italy caused a global media circus. to night amanda knox continues to aim for a normal life back
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here in the states. the new job she just landed. >> and the vandal caught on camera making a fool of himself. he did some damage but as you can see he didn't walk away unscathed. ♪
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>> breaking news tonight out of montgomery county courtroom. a jury reaches a verdict in the civil trial of a former penn professor who beat his wife to death. a jury has awarded the daughter of raphael rob more than $124 million in damages. raphael rob pleaded guilty back in 2007 to killing his wife ellen. the murder happened in december of 2006 inside their king of prussia home. cops say he tried to make it look like an intruder broke in. rob is currently spending five to 10 years in prison. baltimore ravens star ray rice appealing his suspension from the nfl. rice and his wife arriving for his new york -- his hearing in new york today. rice was suspended indefinitely last september after a video of him hitting his then fiance' at an atlantic city casino was released publicly much the couple married soon after yards. >> spanish nursing assistant recovered from ebola is now out of the hospital. 44 year old theresa romero contracted ebola after treating two spanish missionaries of the
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virus in spain much she's now offering to donate her blood to help others and while she's very happy to be home, she is slamming spanish officials for killing her beloved dog over ebola fears. she says, they unnecessarily executed her dog. and president obama is asking congress for $6.2 billion in emergency funds to fight ebola. now that request covers spending to confront the disease in west africa and secure the united states against any possible spread. meanwhile, ebola vaccine trials are under nay switzerland. health officials say they should know how successful they are by december. if the vaccines prove effective health workers in areas battling ebola could get immunizations by the end of the year. also, the number of new ebola cases is declining in the hardest hit countries of sierra leone, liberia and guinea. >> today the measures have improved. it is um proving thanks to the support and partnership of the international community. >> right now in the united
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states we have only one confirmed ebola case and that is dr. craig spencer who recently returned from treating ebola patients in west africa and he's in stable condition at a new york city hospital. amanda knox the wouldn't convicted of murder for a second time in italy has gone from being part of the media frenzy to being a member of the media. the 27 year old is writing for a weekly seattle newspaper. the paper says she's covering human interest stories like play tas local theater. working on a free lance basis. knox was convicted for a second time in january by a jury in italy for the 2007 death of her roommate meredith kerr cher. knocks was an exchange student in italy at the time of her death. studying creative writing much she's also working to appeal the verdict again. >> all right. if you struggle with acid reflux you don't need to us tell you you're not alone. >> that's true. what you might be doing that makes things even more difficult, and it has nothing to do with what you eat. california trick or treater goes out to score some candy. comes home with crystal meth.
5:27 pm
eight years old. tonight the search for who dropped that drug into her bag. but first dangerous mystery illness that hits young women. it can start with just a simple cold and then feel like you're suffocating. one woman's story of misdiagnosis and even surgery before doctors finally - ( helicopter whirring ) - ( roars ) ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready ♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪ ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na... female announcer: it's a great big world and it can all be yours. here and only here. ♪ come and get it.
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>> here's life look at ultimate doppler radar. we're seeing more and more green and soon that rain will roll into our area. how much will we get and how
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long will it last? chief meteorologist scott williams has the answer coming up in your fox 29 weather authority. pennsylvania governor elect tom wolf is greeted by voters as he gets out of that famous jeep at the manchester cafe in manchester, york county today. wolf of course had an overwhelming win over incumbent tom corbett last night. locals in york region calling the 67 year old businessman a down to earth caring person. >> he's a happy guy today. tonight a local woman is sharing nightmare that can happen to certain age group of women. our joyce evans with a rare and mysterious condition that left a healthy young woman out of breath and almost out of time. >> you ready. >> reporter: 32 year old dana green keeping pace with a house full of boys. all boys. >> you're out. >> reporter: hard to believe just a few months ago she couldn't do this at all. >> i couldn't run at all with them or even carry my son arou around. >> good hit. >> reporter: in fact she could barely breathe.
5:31 pm
♪ >> even sitting and talking on the phone i could like feel i was winded. >> reporter: a simple cold about two years ago triggered a rare and very dangerous condition that literally knocked the wind out of her. it got worse. >> like noises. >> reporter: that set off chain of misdiagnosis and unnecessary treatments. first, allergy induced asthma. >> they gave me an inhaler. come back in a month. it was no better. >> reporter: second misdiagnosed a deviated septum blocking her nasal passage. >> how did i wake up with a deviated septa? it just gross that way. so, oh no, i had the surgery. >> reporter: you had surgery? >> i had surgery. wasn't any better. >> reporter: 14 months later, this young wife and mother was slowly suffocating and nobody new why. until she came to temple's lung center. >> it's a very different sound. i could hear her from the waiting room that's how noisy her breathing was. it had really reached a point where i knew something wasn't
5:32 pm
right. i kept looking out to the waiting room and seeing whose there. who is making that noise. >> reporter: dr. ahmed solomon took one look down dana's wind pipe and -- >> there it is. here we are just below the vocal cords and this is her wind pipe. how much narrow this is almost 70 to 80% narrowed at this point. >> reporter: about the circumference of a pencil. >> if you see once you get beyond it this is what it should look like. it should be this big. >> this is known as idiopathic stenosis. >> reporter: a mysterious condition with no known cause. affecting mostly women in their 30's and 40 who's have not had something like a breathing tube previously inserted down their wind pipe. >> we think it's a genetic pre disposition. >> reporter: just lurking until something triggers it. dr. solomon says he's treated dozens of these cases in recent years. >> narrowing and narrowing narrowing until it got to be pinpoint.
5:33 pm
>> reporter: many like dana rushed into surgery. >> first a laser is used on the narrowed area. then a balloon is inserted and inflated. >> balloon filled with saline and salt water and it exerts a fair amount of force. >> reporter: after more than a year of suffering -- >> you wake up from surgery and you feel worse. i woke up a thousand times better than i was when i went in. >> swallow for me. >> reporter: home the next day and no nasty scar on her neck. >> a little foggy but -- >> reporter: here's how her airway looked weeks into recovery still not rounded but -- >> 80% of normal i would i would say. that's pretty much as good as you're going to get. no matter what technique you do. >> come on hurry up. >> reporter: in complaints from dana and her boys all grateful this doctor solved her mystery. >> i'm totally in debt to him. like he definitely was my hero. >> reporter: dr. solomon says it is possible dana's wind pipe could start closing again.
5:34 pm
since nobody knows what causes it in the first place. he you weres women in their 30s and 40s with unexplained breathing problems to get several medical opinions immediately to avoid suffering like dana's or much worse. joyce evans fox 29 news. >> thank goodness dana finally found the right doctor. tonight slaying a monster with love, family, friends and a whole lot of courage. i'd like to you meet a south jersey teenager i had the pleasure of hanging out with. a high school girl who has doctors turning to her for help and schools asking for her to speak. but these days began in a very dark place. >> seventh, eighth grade that was going to be the end for me. i was going to have an eating disorder, dead by the time i was out of high school. like i wouldn't be here any mo more. >> that was no easy battle either that courtney and her family faced. look at her now. she's dedicated to helping oth others face down the same fears and the problem is much bigger than you might imagine.
5:35 pm
>> it's getting worse. patients are getting younger. they're -- we're seeing younger and younger patients. we're seeing older women come in with the diss or. we're seeing men. >> tonight at 10:00 we take you on courtney's amazing journey. we'll show you just how big of an impact she's making and share what to do if you're struggling or no somebody who does with an eating diss or. i have to tell you iain when i was talking to courtney about this she's like my hero she's amaze wagon she does. she was saying when she started this club she did at school that everybody she talked with at that high school was either struggling with an issue or new somebody who was. i mean it is all over the place. wow that's impressive. look forward to seeing that story tonight. >> it will be a good one. we have yet another reason by the way to avoid second hand smoke. >> the effects someone else's bad habit could have on you that you may not have expected plus the vandal caught on camera making a fool of himself. did he some damage but did not walk away unscathed. >> that's good.
5:36 pm
and coming up at 6:00 a would be robber walks into a local pizza shop then walks out empty handed. what a clerk said to him that made him stop in his tracks. scott? >> lucy, temperatures have been running above average but there are some changes ahead with the seven day forecast. we'll talk about a cool down as well as more
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>> topping your health another reason to quit smoking. researchers say second hand smoke can make people around the smoker pack on the pounds. they found smoke altered cells in the body and their ability to respond to insulin. partners of children of people who smoke are most at risk of gaining the weight. scientists are now working on way to increase insulin's resistance to smoke. more than 40 million americans have acid reflux but feat foods and coffee are not the only cup pritz of the common condition. dr. oz has some tips to banish the burn of reflux. ♪ if you experience acid reflux there's a good chance you
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know your trigger foods. while certain foods are known to cause reflux, what you eat isn't the only culprit. here are three causes of acid reflux. first when you eat matters. being too close to your bedtime increases your likelihood of reflux. when you lie down in bed before your stomach empties acid from your stomach is sloshed back up into the esophagus. if you don't want to go for the early bird special at least leave a buffer zone of three hours between dinner and bedtime. next, loosen your belt a bit. too much pressure on your abdomen from belts or clothe asking cause acid to bundle and burn. your sleeping position could cause reflux or help keep it at bay. lying on your left side can actually help reduce the symptoms of acid reflux at night so you can sleep comfortably. >> and you can watch dr. oz right here on fox 29 weekdays at 1:00 p.m. you know what when you think about what you need to bring when you go to vote a gun is not on the list. >> yeah a guy in alabama apparently didn't get the memo. what happened when he strolled into a polling place packing heat. and a california trick or treater gets something dropped
5:41 pm
into her bag that could kill h her. someone gave the eight year old crystal meth. why her dad thinks someone did it on purpose. howard? >> he is the new heart throb for women in this town he dated many celebrity women but mark sanchez is now the eagles starting celebrity women but mark sanchez is now the eagles starting
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>> talk about fun all your enter taken many news with a hilarious spin and tonight we're talking to the man himself head crack. head crack so good to see you. out of the way there's an elephant in this room over here and it's your name. how did you get head crack? >> okay. there's a dice game stalled seal low i used to play it all the time in high school. whenever you roll a 456 they call a head crack much it's a street way of saying jackpot or being lucky. i'm like the lucky dude i walk into all these great situations and it usually goes my way. >> speaking of jackpot beyonce' man she's rolling in the dough along with jay-z. nice. nice stuff. i guess you guys are talking about that them. they were catching the brooklyn nets game court side as usual.
5:46 pm
yeah and tonight on dish nation which you can catch at midnight on fox, we actually get inside jay-z's and beyonce' head and we tell the people exactly what was going on at beyonce''s head and what jay-z was saying as well. there's so much going on with this couple. >> yeah. people say they're getting divorced much she's having a baby much she's to the having a baby. beyonce' has been putting in a lost work in the studio it might be possible al situation where, you know, maybe like the music she's been listening to prepare for new album kind of like stuck in her head and, you know, she just can't get melodies and songs out of her head even though the session is over. she's keeping it going. that's infectious. i was doing it in the car. >> you see her rocking back and forth. she looks like she's sinking something or another. maybe it's the elevator music from when solange was in that elevator with him. that's how that whole humor studio got started after that video came out. big video interstellar. big time cast hitting theaters.
5:47 pm
matthew mcconaughey all kinds of goodness right there. yes, indeed. matthew mcconaughey is such a role right now you talk about true detective, talk about dallas buyers club, you talk about the lincoln commercials, the fact that he made lincoln commercial after even being in the lincoln lawyer. i mean people really want to see this interstellar movie i'm one of those dudes when you pair highmori christopher nolan you cannot go wrong. the cool thing about christopher nolan you always get your money worth. he refuses to make a movie under two hours long. you're not getting shorted or cheated out of your movie popcorn money time and like it's going to be great. i got a chance to check out a screening for it. >> you like it? it's a moving movie. it's sci-fi but a lot of heart and matthew mcconaughey brings it from beginning to end. >> christopher nolan everything he does is visually fantastic. so i can't wait to see it, too. you know what, it is great talking to you, head crack. it's great talking to you too. you guys, you actually share the
5:48 pm
same name as christopher nolan. is there any relation. >> there is not. i wish there was because my bank account would go up really qui quickly. i'll have to work on that and then i could be like head crack, too, since that would be a jackpot for me. it's awesome talking to you. there might be residuals waiting for you somewhere in unclaimed account that you just unaware of. >> i'll get right on that the moment we say goodbye here. listen, thanks so much head crack. good to talk to you. good to talk to you. >> dish nation part of the late night lineup on fox 29. iain. >> alabama voter was arrested after showing up at the polls with a gun investigators say robert kennedy had the weapon visible when he gotta church polling place. this is not the first time for the gun rights activist. kennedy was turned away during the june primary election but he was out to vote with the gun in a july run off. >> a trick or treater in california found a bag of crystal meth in her halloween candy.
5:49 pm
now police are trying to figure out who would do such a thing. the eight year old's parents were checking her candy when they found it. they thought it was suspicious looking they called police. officers ran tests confirming she was given the drug. her father does not think it's a coincidence saying she dressed as a police officer and maybe someone was sending them a message and here's why she thinks it may have happened. >> 'cause there's bad people in the world and they can curt children like that and that's mean. >> police say the girl went to at least 20 houses so it will be difficult to pinpoint where the drugs came from but they are checking the bag now for fingerprints. >> caught on camera, a vandal in santa bash remark, check this out. this is -- making a fool out of himself video you saw him shows the guy walking upstairs, kic kicking a potted plant, however that kick, it diagnosed back and he fell down the stairs. falls again. i'm out of here. he runs away.
5:50 pm
police are still trying to figure out who this guy is. >> potted plant weighs more than him probably. >> he's thirty two lucky that potted plant didn't like knock over on him. on top of him. crazy. >> well, temperatures today made it into the 70s again. >> wow! >> two days in row. last time for awhile. changes ahead. rain will be moving in. temperatures will be dropping. but as we look at ultimate doppler right now. it's pretty dry and quiet. there might be an early sprinkle this evening but most of that heavy rain holds off until after midnight as i expand the view you can see to our south that's where we're tracking most of the rainfall toward middleton and moving into kentucky. but temperatures still above average low 60s right now. 61 degrees in philadelphia. winds out of west at about 5 miles per hour. but look at the high today. 72 degrees. 12 degrees above the average but the record it's safe, 80 degrees set back in 1975. temperatures in the upper 50s to right around 60 degrees.
5:51 pm
60 in atlantic city with low 50s in allentown. we have upper 50s right now in wilmington. so still pretty comfortable if you're stepping outdoors because we're out ahead of that front. now, most of the rainfall as i mentioned is still well to our south. we do have the cloud cover overhead. we'll keep the clouds but that rainfall as we time everything out you can see the clock by midnight most of that rain starts to move in to the west of the philadelphia area. so we'll zoom in a little clos closer. watch how things play out by 4:00 in the morning we're looking at some of that moderate to heavy rain so the early commute is going to be damp and dreary and also as we move toward 8:00 o'clock when you're watching good day still watching for the rainfall across the area. so allow some extra travel time tomorrow morning. by midday we're looking at a little bit of a lull across the area for the afternoon but then for the evening commute, it look like more scatter showers will be moving in with this system and then most of the rain starts to finally taper off as we move toward your friday morning time frame and then winds of change
5:52 pm
moving in, too. it's going to be a little colder. as we watch how much rainfall to anticipate you can see on average about an inch of rainfall along i-95 as well as north and west. lesser amounts once you move into south jersey. so the bottom line on and off again showers for your thursday. likely a wet commute for the morning. and also the evening and up to an inch of rainfall on average with the system area wide. so for tonight, temperatures in the 40s to low 50s. still pretty comfortable. and then tomorrow, we'll call it mostly cloudy. overcast on and off again showers. temperatures top out in the upper 50s. that seven day forecast showing you low 50s on friday. upper 40s on saturday. and then a little bit of a rebound as we move toward veterans day and then temperatures crash by wednesday of next week only in the 40s for highs. >> at least we're prepare. thank you, scott. (laughter). >> howard? >> hi. hello. >> how are you? football time an lot of changes for the eagl
5:53 pm
eagles. first let me clear up a story surprising enough on the internet. new sources supposedly told this reporter that the eagles coaches were already talking about making a change at quarterback before the nick foles injury. now, i talked to people and the eagles organization including coaches. that was never discussed. there are lots of new parts in what the eagles are doing in practice getting ready for carolina here on monday. today was the first day of prep for that game and the changes are on both offense and defense. today, the first time this season that mark sanchez that heart throb the starting quarterback for the eagles. it does make a difference getting all the first team reps with his offense. >> familiar feeling. i'm thankful for that that i've had experience before. you know, nothing really changes to be honest with me preparation. i'm going to get a couple more reps obviously during the week. but my focus hasn't changed. >> don't expect the eagles
5:54 pm
offense to change with mark sanchez. >> we can call a game in a very similar way regardless of whether nick or mark are playing quarterback for us. so we did it the other night. you know, nick or mark came in in backup role and we didn't call the game any differently than if nick was in there. >> i think he'll be fine. another player for the eagles is back on the offensive line, evan mathis has played since game one much this will be his first game back at left guard. >> we have to be able to overcome any type of adversity thrown our way. over the course of the season it won't ab cake walk and things aren't always going to your way and we dealt a lot of with adversity thus far this season. i think this team has handled it very well. >> i think the biggest area of concern for the eagles is on the defensive side of the football. they have lost their middle linebacker demeco ryans for the season. not only has he played terrific he's maybe the biggest leader on that defense. so others have to try to pick it up much casey mathis will start at middle linebacker and rotate
5:55 pm
with emmanuel ocho there are other players that need to step up. michael kendricks will have to be one of the new leaders on defense and he says not to do too much. >> make sure you keep of one else calm and collected and make sure we play good ball. i'm not putting too much pressure on myself, man. i'm going to do what i do and that's play good ball. you know, i'm not -- i'm not going to go out there and freak out and just think that, you know, everything has changed, you know, the world is about to end. you know what i mean we're about to go out there and play good ball. >> the biggest thing, they have to make sure that they don't make mistakes on defense as we well, and wrong assignments going into the wrong gap a lot of different things, but they can win -- they can win and continue to win with the new guys they have in there. >> all right. thanks, howard. >> you got it. >> coming up at six more video release dad of a man philadelphia police are calling a person of interest in the kidnapping of a young woman. the case making national headlines heats up. >> a man walks into a local pizza shop apparently planning to rob the place.
5:56 pm
oh, the power of words. what a clerk said that hey, jennar fuzz mike troober munny sling...
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>> right now at six could new video be the key to cracking a high pro tile abduction case? philadelphia police would like to you take good look at this video. it shows the man now being called a person of interest in the abduction case making headlines around the world tonight. >> at the center of it all, carlesha freeland gaither frightening video shows that man snatching her from a germantown street sunday. she's still missing tonight. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. let's get straight out to fox 29's jennifer joyce much she's
6:00 pm
live at northwest detectives tonight with new developments. jennifer? >> reporter: well, iain, despite that new video law enforcement sources are telling fox 29 at this point they have not gotten that facial recognition to work. they are still trying. they tell us they are concerned because every minute counts and they want this woman found. >> we're hoping that she's with him. obviously we're concerned. >> reporter: search for 22 year old carlesha freeland gaither continues nearly 72 hours after she was aggressively abducted from her germantown neighborhood. since sunday, police have tracked her possible abductor to aberdeen, maryland, where a man used the victim's atm card at pnc bank and shopped at a nearby gas station convenience store. police are pursuing several leads and say time is not on their side. >> every minute counts, i mean, we got to find her and find her quickly. >> reporter: last night we showed you this video of the victim talking with the on a corner before he grabbed her and


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